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September, 2018

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 Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot)

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Aiden Wickham

Aiden Wickham

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Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot) Empty
PostSubject: Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot)   Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot) Icon_minitime1Fri May 16, 2014 2:20 am

Soft crackle of the fire, soft patter pitter of rain that came down softly outside; it left a soft relaxing sound only to be ignored by Aiden the owner of the home. His eyes were closed for a moment until he looked to a bit of paper in his hand. His eyes lifted to the fire as his hand idly crumpled the page; his jade eyes glittered like real jade in the light as he tossed the paper into the fire and stood. The paper began to burn, showing a small portion of what was on the page. Ink as green as emeralds, it burnt away to take the list of names to ashes. The page was gone as Aiden walked away from the fire, his dog lifted her head and stood. Stretching the Doberman followed him to the front door and growled, her paw on the door as she looked to her human.

Tail low the dog waited as he looked down to her with his eyes, a smirk formed on his face. Baskerville backed up as he opened the door, "Lets go hunt the sinners of our family like your name sake's origin." he said as the dog barked viciously and growled. Jumping up to nip him then bolted out the door. Following he looked to the moor and grinned, his mind was gone, twitching a bit as he bit back his urge to go and snap. It was all to keep them.... from living hell that his step father gave him. Yes, the living hell.

The rain poured more down on the moor, Aiden was used to the wet weather but still it muddied him more than usual. Soaked and bottom half mostly covered in mud he could be mistaken for a mud drowned ghost. The beaten path had high swamp grass and itchy weeds, both man and animal were used to them but still the rain made it harder. Kneeling he grabbed his dog and with a crack he and the female dog vanished. Coming to a small house off the road long ways from his home Aiden looked to the building; such a sad tale this would be.

A darkness of clouds slowly swirled over barely covering an inch in movement to stop, stop to hover over the landscape. Everything dulled to a cool slate grey that was shockingly filled with the electrical feel of looming death to come. No animals made sound. No crickets sang their song. No birds ran for cover for the oncoming storm. The rain had stopped but only to come back as slight dripping spheres. Each drop seemed to be lost in time, slowly falling to the ground, spraying up and out before becoming one with the ground. Catching dirt in each wake of a drop making the dirt wet with its vengeance. Each drop, slowly continued to soak and coat the oncoming male as he walked toward the house. 

Baskerville's eyes glowed in the dim like fire embers and her fur glistened with the rain that covered it. Even the fur seemed to rain from itself as a factor of already being wet. The fur, not long, did not hang far from her as she stood at ready, her legs locked and stiff as if standing back from a fight. Aiden, soaked yet fully aware his eyes narrowed as he reached into his coat, taking out a long birch wood wand, he held it at his side lightly, lifting it as the rain began to get slowly into a torrent of pouring cold. No words left past his lips as the wand shot out from its tip a spell, a spell that swirled and went to the front windows.

Glass cracked and froze it seemed, behind it the silhouette of a large animal seemed to get closer and closer until the glass shattered, rain fell inside as did wind, not only that but the hound named Baskerville- was inside. Her lips, curved and ready showing teeth as white as ivory, ears back and leaving the feel of death. The ones to witness... a child who was playing with a doll and a woman who looked and seemed snarky as a honey badger about to fight for a bee nest. She stood in shock but fear went through her as she saw the beast, her eyes wide as the animal shot like a light after her child with a roaring bark. 

With a twist she went for her wand only to hear her daughter cry out in fear as she ran,as she turned around hearing a crack she came face to face with the male who let in the beast. His hair was plastered, clinging to his face as he grabbed her wand and snapped it. Her hand reached up to hit him only to be punched in the face, falling over he came closer, "Eat, Baskerville." he said in a dark tone. Soon as the command was given the woman cried out, no she screamed and tried to go after her child. Baskerville growled in acknowledgment before taking off, chasing down the child. Screams sounded from the young one as Baskerville had her fun. Aiden, he moved as he watched the woman go to find her child but only to scream in pain as Aiden grabbed a decoration, and sent it into her back.

He walked over and pulled it from her, rolling her over as he slit her throat. Cutting her throat deeply before he stood and went to the living room. Soft patter of the rain continued, soon the padding of Baskervile to be at his side as he waited in a chair. She sat down by him panting and licked her blood covered maw. Her paws, soaked in the blood of the young child who had been Aiden's niece. The wizard had five more to kill. Three others lived here, but they were not home. He knew it. They would come home to offer him... the first challenge of his life.

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Aiden Wickham

Aiden Wickham

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Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot) Empty
PostSubject: Fire Kindled By Hate PT2 (ONEShot)   Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot) Icon_minitime1Sat May 17, 2014 1:29 am

Rain slowly trickled, up and and soon to be full of the crevice that it fell and rolled over the broken glass pane. Each drip trailed like tears, tears that soon mixed with the mud that came from outside. Not many drops could keep the mud wet nor was it dry, only so a shadow passed the window, the door slammed open as a woman cried out calling for her sister and the mother of them. Wild wet unruly hair matted with bone beads, her robe was tattered and old covered in more bone from animals she killed for her spells and potions. Rushing down the hall she missed the dead body on the floor. Finding what remained of her sister she screamed and backed up.

Aiden could hear the scream, the sound of the fall and collision. Only to hear the gasped cries of "no" over and over. The cries, so soft and yet potent with the anger and rage. Aiden stood as he felt the rage and soaked it up, years of torture from his step dad.... now to end soon. Putting his hands slowly down to grip his wand he watched the shadow of the female he heard, lifting his eyes as he saw the crook nosed slender witch standing in the doorway, her eyes full of pain, full of the anger she stared at him before she shrieked in a high priss type tone, pointing a long bony finger at him as she spoke in high, "How, How DARE you murder my mother and my SISTER!" she called to him, only to see the male smile at her, "They, deserve death as the payment in blood my step father will bathe in for his torture of me." only then did she gasp and shriek like a raving woman.

Each word she shrieked was not understood easily. All before she raised her wand and shrieked out, "Crucio Gelu!!" a light shot out of her crook and instead of hitting Aiden who readied it hit his dog. The animal screamed and was flung hard into the wall of the room, crying out before Aiden screamed, "STOP HURTING HER!!" She smirked and increased her spell making Baskerville cry in pain. Felling crushed and pinned Aiden sent a spell out at her, "Flvio igne!" a white stream hit her full force knocking her outside. Breaking the spell he ran to her, Baskerville, pulling her away from sight. The witch crawled back inside as the fire he sent burnt her heavy, she lunged at him. His neck caught in her grasp, her wand not with her as she constricted against him. His hands gripped, scratched, and grasped and clutched at her own before he felt about for something. The wizard, finding only his wand he had a choice. A hard one, as he lost breath. 

Without thought he snarled and jammed his wand, up, up and into her skull. Between her eyes. She shrieked when she saw it but soon as he pulled it out she fell on him. Groaning the male rolled her off gasping. His throat raw and hurt he crawled away, "Ba-Basker..." he then was picked up off the ground and whirled around. Punched in the face he fell over. Moaning in pain, all he wanted at the moment was to know if his animal friend was fine. Aiden crawled behind the couch and inhaled deeply before standing up only to be tackled to the floor and bit on the neck by a brutish male. He screamed and slammed his fist into the male who let go. Lifting him off he rolled and stood back. His uncles were there. The muggle-loving-bastards.

Growling the wizard held his wand but only to be disarmed. The male twitched. His eyes going emerald then jade, two on one, this would prove hard. Without the fact these two hated magic... he'd have to... fight the way he learned growing up. Lifting his fists he rushed at them. aiming a punch at one only to get pounded hard by the one that was closest. Soon as he was near down the other joined to have the other back off. It went in repetition like this for a while before Aiden was hit so hard he spun and collided with a shelf. Falling over under fallen books Aiden felt dizzy, his vision flickered but then he heard something. Baskerville cried out in a whimper. Twitching, twitching the world swirled...

Laughter, mocking laughter, rang in his mind. Glass shattered and fell but only in his mind. Thump, thump, thump went the man's heart. Fading in and out till silence. His hands clutched tightly as he pushed up. Eyes closed as he stood. Head low as the air grew heated, the two males before Aiden blinked as their punching bag seemed to be unconscious but was standing. Aiden lifted his hand, placed it on the shelf, lifted his head to show blood. Blood trailing from his lip, some from his nose as he kept his eyes closed. The laughter he heard in his head came out past his lips, laughing as he smirked. Teeth red from blood of his bitten lip, "Can't you.... heh heh heh, ever... learn.." he said softly before opening his eyes. As he did smoke emitted on the couch, a pillow began to burn.

Eyes of deep red Aiden growled and grabbed the flaming pillow and threw it at them. Not caring his hand was burnt. With much no less of though Aiden rushed them, punching both shocked men in the throat. His fight went on fiercer than he had done before, laughing and enjoying the pain they suffered. Biting one of the men on the throat deeply to have him bleed out. As the other man went to harm Aiden a sudden growl made him turn to face the open jaw of the angry Doberman. Both men died of blood loss. Not calm enough Aiden was on the floor far from the death's he made, his animal friend came to him and licked him. Cleaning his face and laid her head in his lap. Closing his eyes he groaned. The dog got up and padded about, finding his wand she brought it to him and gave it back. 

Nuzzling Aiden, she whimpered, "Let's sleep my friend... We will go kill more tomorrow..." he said and closed his eyes. Gripping his wand as he pulled Baskerville closer. Sleeping till the next morning of the storm.
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Aiden Wickham

Aiden Wickham

Posts : 26
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Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot)   Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot) Icon_minitime1Tue Jun 10, 2014 2:46 pm

Sleep and rest, it took much to recover for their exhaustion was greater than expected. The duo remained in the house, till a night in the later of two days the authorities had been notified of the house. Aiden was fast to take the wands from the house and grabbed his dog, apparating far from the house only to realize Baskerville was more in pain than he realized before. Her paws were bleeding from the glass, her fur singed from the frost, bruising and cuts littered her skin. 

He took her home, then left without word. Knowing it was safer for her to stay behind. His mind was on keeping her safe, his life didn't matter at the moment. Still he had no idea she ran off when he left the house, lucky she was going somewhere safer than his home was. Yes, his home was not safe... not until they were all... dead. Yes, dead. He wanted his family dead.

His mind was still very clouded as he walked, he had no broom, he went on foot or horse back. However his family live close around. It was easier to walk there anyway. As he did his eyes lifted to the sky, signing an old Celtic Irish hymn as he went. Inaudible to most as it sounded like gibberish, but he knew it well. About a fire beast. One that decimated and later came to be in good mind. Each word was sung in his native tongue, his accent highly thick as he sang. Each word calmed him down to normal. 

However he paused, his Irish blood burned, it felt heated from his anger and malice to his family. Walking to the small town he could feel his heart. Beating against his chest before he  twitched. Eyes shifting far into amber as he saw the next victim. His grandparents. It would be in the open. Yes, this murder would go unseen till it was done.

Each breath seemed to fill the air in puffs of smoke from the heat of his breath, each dissipating before his eyes flashed. Glaring his lip twitched before he shouted out in Irish at the old couple. Basically swearing in all right at them. Words were hard till he saw a spark of white shine and shoot at him, whirling to the left he drew his wand and sent a flaring mass at them. It exploded on the moss covered stone wall. Indenting the stone it gave him time to rush the wall dodging a new flash he vaulted over the low wall to land in a crouch, his eyes narrowed more as fire seemed to slowly raise from the ground due to the abundance of his emotions of hatred.

 Growling it came out gurgled sounding more realistic than it should have. As he stood the older couple could see the living fire in him like an old fire spirit. Each step they took back he came closer, "Tá tú amach-fhan do chuid ama anseo sa saol seo mo theaghlach." (You have out-stayed your time here in this world my family.) he said in a hiss to the older couple.

Each word bit into them like snake venom. The old man pointed his wand shakingly at Aiden, "Boy! Ba chóir duit a fhágáil linn ina n-aonar nó beidh muid ag deireadh do tine!" ("Boy! You should leave us alone or we will end your fire!") he howled back in Irish before being tackled down by Aiden who jammed a wand into the old man's chest. It was not Aiden's wand. He used one of the ones he took from his dead relatives. The man's eyes dimmed as Aiden stood, his hand drenched in blood, looking to the old woman he smirked. Slowly coming that way, to her, the lady's heart skipped. Without warning she ran, only to be followed by the male who killed her husband. His arm swung and hit her skull hard, knocking her unconscious. That is till he checked for a pulse. She, died. The blow killed her. Now... to kill his mother and father.
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Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot)   Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot) Icon_minitime1

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Fire Kindled By Hate PT1-4 (ONEShot)
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