Harry Potter: The Next Generation

Set in 2018, the 3 Wizarding schools Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, & Durmstrang face a new threat: Augustus Rookwood Jr. son of the last Death Eater Augustus Rookwood.
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September, 2018

It's the start of the first term and the warm weather is slowly fading into chilly Autumn breezes. Students are advised to begin collecting their supplies and prepare for their first, or next, year at Hogwarts, Durmstrang, or Beauxbatons.

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 Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

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PostSubject: Sherlock Holmes   Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:14 pm

Full Name: Sherlock Holmes
Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY): 01/06/1986
Age: 32
Country of Origin: London, England
Current Home: 221B Baker Street/Hogwarts School Of Witchcrafts and Wizardry

General Appearance:
Hair: Curly brown/black
Eyes: Grey
Complexion: Fair
Height: 6'1
Build: Lean
Special Features:
Blood Purity: Pureblood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Personality (3 sentence minimum): Sherlock Holmes is a very intellectual man with a strange fascination to mystery cases and alchemy. Quick to deduce and figure out problems and people, he would usually show off his brilliant skills and care little of others thoughts about him. He doesn't understand much about feelings or social interaction, causing him to be blunt, careless, and rude about his deductions. He's also quick to correct people of their mistakes and is very sarcastic. While he tends to be moody and overdramatic, he doesn't mind helping people that are in great need of his help. Once he considers one to be of good company, he's more likely to listen to them and become slightly protective.

Background (3 sentence minimum): Being raised in a Pureblood family, he had been taught that others are beneath him and he should remain focus on keeping the blood line going. Rather than listening though, Sherlock isolated himself with nothing else but his curiosity to learn. He would run away from his home and question muggles about their lifestyle and subjects. It was in his eight year of age that he heard of a murder taking place in a nearby grocery store when he found his passion for crime solving. After helping the police figure out the culprit, he found his family's quo to be ridiculous and was seen as a misfortune to the Holmes family when he ordered the Sorting Hat to place him in Ravenclaw. While at Hogwarts, he found his interest in Alchemy and spent many days in his dorm creating his own potions and transformations. The school became his haven to explore and create, something he had been restricted to do back at his manor. His reckless sense of adventure would usually end him up in detention, giving him rows of letters and angry mails to his parents. He was very studious and avoided social interactions, but because of this odd behaviour he had been called names and made fun of. He ignored them and continued his year at Hogwarts, exploring and learning to his hearts desire. Sherlock graduate Hogwarts with high scores in all his O.W.L.S. and N.E.W.T.S. and had been requested by the Ministry Of Magic (And his family) to join the Ministry alongside his brother. He refused their offers and studied to have a career as Alchemist Professor in Hogwarts.

Name: Clarissa Holmes
Age: 68
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood
Name: Nathaniel Holmes
Age: 70
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood
Siblings (Please specify whether the sibling is a brother or a sister)
Name: Mycroft Holmes (Brother)
Age: 38
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood
Other (Please specify the relation for the other category when entering the person's name, Ex: John Smith (Uncle).)
Name: Helena Watson-Holmes (Wife)
Age: 31
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood

Pet Name: Ombre
Age: 5
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Black cat

Family Background (3 sentences minimum): His family had always followed suit their ancestors long line of the Pureblood Slytherins, being recognized by their brilliance and their 'pureness'. Clarissa and Nathaniel raised their children strictly, in attempt to make sure they get the best of everything, no exceptions. Mycroft would follow his parents words but at the same time had tried to defend his brothers acts, apologizing and covering his younger brothers mess. Growing up, Mycroft gave Sherlock his space as he studied at Hogwarts, in hopes that his 'dear brother' would grow up and learn his lesson. While working at the Minister, Mycroft would often use his power to get his brother out of trouble, even with Sherlock's stubborn protests and scolds of not needing any help.

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Elisabeth North

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PostSubject: Re: Sherlock Holmes   Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:17 pm

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Sherlock Holmes
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