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Set in 2018, the 3 Wizarding schools Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, & Durmstrang face a new threat: Augustus Rookwood Jr. son of the last Death Eater Augustus Rookwood.
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September, 2018

It's the start of the first term and the warm weather is slowly fading into chilly Autumn breezes. Students are advised to begin collecting their supplies and prepare for their first, or next, year at Hogwarts, Durmstrang, or Beauxbatons.

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 Xylia (Ex-lie-ya) Norin (Reiel ~ father's name) *approved by daniella

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Xylia Norin

Xylia Norin

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PostSubject: Xylia (Ex-lie-ya) Norin (Reiel ~ father's name) *approved by daniella   Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:29 pm

Full Name: Xylia (wip) Norin Reiel
Meanings ~ Pronounciation: first- Of The Forest ~ (Ex-lie-ya)
middle - pending
last - Norin means Fire Queen ~ (naur+rîn) River
Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY): Unknown ...claims 12/24/1993
Age: appears early to mid late twenties in human.
25 if asked for exact age

Country of Origin: Celtic Lands Somewhere
Current Home: Unknown/Frequently found in Olivander's Wands

General Appearance:

Hair: blond
Eyes: blue
Complexion: see pic
Height: 5' 10"
Build: elven lithe, beautiful, well proportioned
Special Features:
Blood Purity: Pureblood ~ Celtic Elf (full)
Sexual Alignment: Flexible/Bisexual

Personality (3 sentence minimum): Xylia is a sweet and energetic woman. Highly charismatic yet can be quite fierce if need be. A motherly type woman who is with a heart of gold that sometimes is too big. She is strong yet sensitive. Very intelligent yet playful. Overall she shows lots of elven traits yet the best way to learn her is to meet her first hand.

Background (3 sentence minimum): Her history is similiar to Morgans minus she didn't suffer an injury nor loss of a mother. Growing up her and Morgan were closer than close. When he lost his sight she helped him learn to see by his other senses...primarily sound and touch. When they went to school the ywere still close. During school years she met a young woman name Talon Cloud and became really good friends with her. After graduation she and morgan traveled around as she earned money to buy the shop of her dreams. Now is finalizing the finishing touches on Olivander's wands. After reuniting with her friend who she had never given up on finding, she now has her co-owner and apprentice to wandmaking. The shop is ready to open and her brother still stays with her.


Maiden Name: Margaid Norin (means Want Elfen Fire Queen)
Married Name: Margaid Reiel (means Want Elfen River)

Age: 47 (human)
Living or Dead: Dead
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Celtic Elf (full)

Birth Given Name: Aragnor Reiel (means river)
Age: 50 (human)
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Celtic Elf (full)

~Tragic Ending Siblings~

Birth Given Name:Nar Norin
Meanings: Fire Fire Queen
All Ages: Newborn ~ 0 days, 0 hours, 0 Minutes,
Living or Dead: Dead/Stillborn
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Celtic Elf (full)

Birth Given Name: Amrúnel Eglenil Norin-Reiel
Meanings: East Pass Between High Walls (aglonn) Female (il)Fire Queen River
Age: Newborn ~ 0 days, 6 hours, 16 minutes
Living or Dead: Premature Newborn (five months too early)/Dead
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Celtic Elf (full)

Birth Given Name: Lostion Reiel
Meanings: Empty (lost) Son Of/Boy (ion) River
Age:N/A ~ was missing most organs and had no brian activity despite perceived heartrate
Living or Dead: Empty Shell/Miscarriage
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Celtic Elf (full)

Birth Given Name:
Pelilassion Reiel
Fading Leaf (pelin+lass) Son of / Boy (iôn) River
Age: 1 year old ~ colic, pnuemonia, Black Plague
Living or Dead: Dead
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Celtic Elf (full)

Twins : Brother & Sister
Birth Given Name (boy):Faerdhinen Reiel
Birth Given Name (girl):
Sídhien Reiel-Norin
Meaning (boy):Silent Spirit (faer+dínen) River
Meaning (girl):
Peace (sîdh) Daughter of / Girl (ien) River Fire Queen
Age: 1 1/2 (boy), 2 (girl)
Living or Dead:Deceased of Cancer undefined origin(both) the boy died six months before twin sister. Sister struggled for six months to live with similiar symptoms that seemed to get better. On their shared birhtday she too passed away.
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Celtic Elf (full)

~Regular Storytale Style~

Birth Given Name:Adasser Norin
Meaning: Lover of Mortal Men (adan+ser)Fire Queen

Age: 28 (human) ~ born nine months prior Morgan's 1st birthday
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Celtic Elf (full)

Birth Given Name:Erfaron Reiel
Meaning: Lone Hunter [masculine] (er+faron)River

Age: 27 (human)
Living or Dead: Unknown~presumed dead (was evil)
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Celtic Elf (full)

Indentical Twins ~ Brother & Genderless (It) (has no sexual organs inside or outside nor bladder)
Birth Given Name: Ioriston Reiel
Birth Given Name:Laerorn Reiel
Meaning (boy):Ancient Lore (iaur+ist) Male (on) River
Meaning (genderless/it):Tree Song (laer+orn)River
Age: 26 (both)
Living or Dead: Living but Missing (both)
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Celtic Elf -full- (both)

Note For Below: For intersex pm for info. and no is not x-rated meant at all/aka physically they are a boy but feel girl or vice versa
Intersex/Transvestite (boy & girl)Triplets
Birth Given Name (Intersex):Gael-Tinu Reiel-Norin
Birth Given Name (Transvestite boy - born girl body)Tirnel Norin
Birth Given Name (Transvestite girl - born boy body)Ýridhrenor Reiel
Meanings (all three): (intersex) -Pale/Glimmering (gael)Star/Spark (tinu) River Fire Queen
(transvestite boy -born girl)Star Gazer (tirn+êl) Fire Queen
(transvestite girl- born boy)Wise Course (ýr+idhren) Male (on) River
Name Goes ("Boy"):Nemiron Reiel
Name Goes By("Girl")Míril Norin
Meaning (boy):Water Jewel (nen+mîr) Male (on) River
Meaning (girl):Jewel/Treasure (mîr) Female (il) Fire Queen
Age (all): 21
Living or Dead (listed in order): Living (all)
Blood Status or Species: Squib (pureblood) ~ Intersex Triplet, Pureblood ~ Transvestite (boy & girl) : Celtic Elf (full) -all-

~Father's Child From Previous Marriage~

Half Brother ~ Father's First Wife
Birth Given Name: Morgan Reiel
Age: 28 (human)
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Squib ~ half-elf (celtic)
Extra Information: Mother was a Mudblood, Human, and is deceased. Had he shown more than magical awareness he would thus be a Halfblood Wizard purity. He is close to his younger sister Xylia

Adopted Sister/Brother (genderbender)
Birth Name: Tomo
Given Name: Tomo Reiel-Norin
Relation: Adopted Genderbending Sibling
Age: 18 (human)
Living or Dead: Missing
Blood Status or Species: Unknown ~ Blood/Celtic Elf (hybrid full)

~Others:Married In The Family/Kids Of Siblings~

Birth Given Name: Glendowyn McCarthy
Married Name: Glendowyn Reiel

Age: 29
Relation: Wife/Widow Of Erfaron Reiel
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Human
Extra Information: Is a kind woman who is three months pregnant.

~~~~~~Child Of Adasser Norin~~~~~~

Birth Name: Unknown
Given Name:Karia Norin

Age: 4
Relation: Niece/Adopted Daughter to sister
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Mudblood ~ Half Veela

~~~~~~~~~~End Family Tree~~~~~~~~~~

Living or Dead:
Blood Status or Species:

Family Background (3 sentences minimum): Their families shared father was a celtic elven wood carver and met Morgan's mother, not Xylia and her siblings, at a festival. Morgan's mother helped him set up the area so he could sell his stuff. Happy to receive the help he asked Morgan's mother to spend the day  helpinghim. That is how Xylia and Morgan's father got to know Morgan's mother. Morgan's mother, who isn't Xylia's, had no job. It was sometime after that Morgan's mother and their shared fathergot married. Morgan's mother died of an illness when Morgan was around a year in human terms. More than a few years by elven despite him being half elf. His mother died from the illness as it was caught late and her body wasn't able to stop it. She passed away shortly after it was discovered.

For what equated to two to three human years, twenty to thirty elven years, their shared father murned the loss of his wife. Sometime after this, while traveling with an almost a year old, by human definitions, Morgan...he came across a young elven woman by the name of Margaid Norin. A blond beauty with a talent in many things.

Margaid Norin was a wealthy elven woman of celtic origins. Having ties to the Celtic royals, yet never claiming them or speaking of it, she was a mysterious yet beautiful woman.When she fell in love with Morgan's father she instantly became attached to him as well.
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Casey Raven
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Casey Raven

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PostSubject: Re: Xylia (Ex-lie-ya) Norin (Reiel ~ father's name) *approved by daniella   Fri Jun 27, 2014 1:30 pm

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Xylia (Ex-lie-ya) Norin (Reiel ~ father's name) *approved by daniella
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