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 Breaking In The Sexiness Club (Hunter)

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Austin Tyler
Hufflepuff Fifth Year

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PostSubject: Breaking In The Sexiness Club (Hunter)   Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:41 pm

Austin ran all the way to the darker parts of Bulgaria. He heard of a club from guys in knockturn that was full of sexy people. He HAD to see this club. His bare feet moved silently over the lands from England to Bulgaria. He wore a white shirt half assed, yet somehow still sexy, buttoned up. The jeans he wore hugged his hips and were torn in places...intentionally so. He wandered up to it and saw bouncers.

Damn...must be popular. Gonna need to latch onto someone. She'll do. He went over to the woman and worked his magic. Wrapping the older woman around his little finger as she agreed to take him in with her. Heh...that went easier than I thought. The woman had VIP access and took him inside past the bouncers with her. He smiled and paid her. Slipping free of her and headed towards the stage. "Damn...they sexy."

He watched them and moved his own body with the same motions. Dancing on the floor as he moved his body. The strippers were sexy. The workers here were sexy. He found his gaze moving over people. So many people who could play his game with him. He continued to dance and moved his form with sensual flexibility. He made sure to be where he was not touched by others yet drawing eyes his way without stealing too much from the strippers on stage.

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Hunter Rasputin

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PostSubject: Re: Breaking In The Sexiness Club (Hunter)   Mon Jun 09, 2014 10:39 am

Hunter had been told that there was a male that was stealing his stripper's spotlight and that never floated with him. Hunter walked downstairs from his office and couldn't help but smirk when he realized that it was a boy in his late teens, not bad looking but still young. Hunter walked over to his side and smirked widely "Enjoying yourself? Well I hate to say this but you are pretty good being a little runt. Come over here, I have to put my business face on."

Hunter motioned to the vip booth and once they both sat down Hunter grinned "So it seems like you already have the moves seeing you snuck in and the dance moves. You seem like you are eager for some employment. What do you say, think you would like to be one of my dancers? I mean don't think that you will be one of my best strippers because you can never be as good as Oscar, definitely no where close to Tito but you have spunk."

Hunter propped himself by his elbow and looked at the male and wondered what he could be thinking about. It wasn't every day that Hunter proposed his customers or someone that snuck in his club to be a dancer for him. But he knew that his patrons would just eat Austin up. He had the youth factor and had the pretty boy face and from what he could tell body too.

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Austin Tyler
Hufflepuff Fifth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Breaking In The Sexiness Club (Hunter)   Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:37 pm

Austin danced his body and moved with the music. Honestly...he wasn't trying to outshine or "own the dancefloor" against the trained strippers. Hell he knew a thing or two and their routine he'd already memorized and mastered. Just mixing it in with his own style. Soon doing his own thing that had even the strippers watching. At times the illusion of a double, per his shadow, helped with some of the actions. (see youtube after this paragraph) He continued dancing and moving as the song changed.

Stopping and catching his breath as someone approached. He moved a bit as he looked at Hunter. "Best club I've seen so far. By the fact it got bouncers...neans its badass and popular. I am rather enjoying myself in a club for once." He said with a sure of himself smirk. He arched his eyebrow at being called a runt. A sexy devious grin on his face. "Heh...little runt. I'm not even trying...I'm just having fun. Though get it correct pops...I'm fun sized not a little runt. I'm fun sized and epic things come in small packages. Well..."

He trailed off with a game playing grin as he faked interest...part of the game...as he looked up and down Hunters form blantantly then pointed to his groin. "Except in certain circumstances where bigger is better." He said with a roll of his eyes. Following him and began to put things together. "Well damn pops if I wanted access to the VIP I'd have stayed with the sexy lady. Sure. Sure. Lets talk business." He said with a grin as he decided to follow him for now.

Hands on the back of his head as he followed Hunter over to the VIP booth and sat down. Sitting indian style on the seat. Listening to him speaking. He figured out from what was said he was stealing the stager dancer's spotlight. A cocky yet rightfully so grin and gleam hit his eyes but for a second the surprise filtered in then his wolfish grin turned sexy badass.

"So I stole your stripper's spotlights on stage. Though from what your saying your best ones...Oscar and Tito...weren't out there. Well if they had been then I wouldn't have without even trying owned the dance floor now would I have? I wasn't trying to steal their limelight but I find it quite badass that I stole spotlight without even trying." He paused for effect and had a feeling it would with his currently "chess player" across from him.

"Seeing you stated that if Tito and Oscar were on stage I'd have not stolen it...it must mean the boys on stage can't keep up with me if it was stolen without me trying." He chuckled a bit. "If you'd had this Oscar and Tito on...I doubt I'd have stolen without doing work, the limelight from your dancers. That is interesting and makes me want to have a dance off with Oscar and Tito. Something tells me..." A sexy devil may cry but the heaven's aren't listening grin and gleam in his eye. "That my only true opponent in the end run would be Tito. Who I'd lose to but it be one sexy dance off."

He listened to him and arched an eyebrow. "Nah...I prefer to sing and dance...I don't do order following well. Besides once summer is over I'd just have to break out, not like I don't already, just to come work. I do jobs but I don't follow orders well pops. Nice proposition but only way I'd bite is if I was freelancer...you'd still pay but you'd not own me." He said in a very mature for his age tone. "I think it be fun but I have my own game I play. Educational purposes only...they don't get to touch but I use my studies and they benefit." He said nonchalantly. His demeanor mature yet at times mirrored Hunter's own.

He listened to him speak. "Heh...maybe not but I've already memorized and mastered the dance moves of each and every dancer on your stage. You came up on some my own choreographed moves. I prefer to choreograph my own moves. I don't intend to be as good as your best homeslice..."

Focusing on his last words. "Tell you what...I'll freelance for you part time if you arrange a dance off between me and Oscar and me and Tito. I bet you I can win against Oscar but I am with you...instincts tell me I'll lose to Tito. If I'm wrong about winning a dance off against Tito I'll work a week for free. If I'm right though...we make a better business arrangement as I don't follow orders well but can negotiate if it is beneficial to me." He said with a smirk.

"You are on my level in deviousness and intelligence...I'm surprised you figured out I used moves to get in here but the fact I actually had to do a bit of work alone tells me you one badass mother f**ker. You need a singing act? Since we doing business in my culture its traditional we do so over drinks." He reached into his bag and produced a bottle. "So how about joining me in a bottle of lakota spirits. The drinks I make will make you think what you buy is water with flavor." He offered with a smirk. "If not more for me."[/color]

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PostSubject: Re: Breaking In The Sexiness Club (Hunter)   

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Breaking In The Sexiness Club (Hunter)
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