Harry Potter: The Next Generation

Set in 2018, the 3 Wizarding schools Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, & Durmstrang face a new threat: Augustus Rookwood Jr. son of the last Death Eater Augustus Rookwood.
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September, 2018

It's the start of the first term and the warm weather is slowly fading into chilly Autumn breezes. Students are advised to begin collecting their supplies and prepare for their first, or next, year at Hogwarts, Durmstrang, or Beauxbatons.

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 A New Kitty for Me (Maxi)

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Saralyn Xavier

Saralyn Xavier

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PostSubject: A New Kitty for Me (Maxi)   Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:13 am

Saralyn sat on her bed her parents seemed to be in a rather good mood today. For the fact that she hadn't had a dream in a while She was dressed in a rather formal dress since that was one of her parent's requests that she at least looked like a princess today. She really didn't know why they cared so much today.

Letting out a sigh she was sure it was because they found her a suitor that they deemed suitable to her. She wondered when they would discover that she was not interested in ruling or men.
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Maximus Xavier

Maximus Xavier

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PostSubject: Re: A New Kitty for Me (Maxi)   Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:27 pm

Maximus came back with his prize...the kitten from Diagon Alley. SLipping inside he was upset they'd been tricked home. He didn't like it. They were up to something. He knew they were. They hadn't tried all summer long for them to come home. Yet when they convinced Sarie he went with her. He promised her that she was never going to be left without him to protect her. He hoped to be able to keep it. Knocking on the door he opened it. Dressed in princely attire he came and sat down beside her. "I have a bad feeling about this Sarie." He said softly.
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A New Kitty for Me (Maxi)
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