Harry Potter: The Next Generation

Set in 2018, the 3 Wizarding schools Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, & Durmstrang face a new threat: Augustus Rookwood Jr. son of the last Death Eater Augustus Rookwood.
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September, 2018

It's the start of the first term and the warm weather is slowly fading into chilly Autumn breezes. Students are advised to begin collecting their supplies and prepare for their first, or next, year at Hogwarts, Durmstrang, or Beauxbatons.

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 To Get Supplies (Jessie)

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Aiden Wickham

Aiden Wickham

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PostSubject: To Get Supplies (Jessie)   Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:04 pm

Aiden was glad to be able to take Jessie to hang out with him.  He had to restock some things at home any way. The bottle around his neck was tea today and was heated. The colder air here was a bane to him but the pendant was a warmth from the heavens to him. With a smile he stroked his dog's fur and knelt down hugging the hyper active pup. Kissing her head he looked up. Jessie should be here any minute. He planned to take Jessie to eat after all of this was done.
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Jessie Kinston
Ravenclaw First Year
Jessie Kinston

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PostSubject: Re: To Get Supplies (Jessie)   Sat Jul 26, 2014 12:34 pm

Jessie looked at the paper he had to get some supplies but he was happy to get to hang out with Aiden again. Aiden had been busy with whatever he was doing. He practically flew from Collin's house towards Diagon alley where he was meeting Aiden. He looked around for Baskerville and Aiden. "WALLBREAKER!!! BASKERVILLE!!!" He cried out. Rushing oer to them and pounced hugged Aiden and wrapped his arms and legs around him. His hair was to his shoulders now but it been shorter due to the hair styling mishap he'd done. He kissed AIden's cheek. "Love you big brother." After a hug back he was sure would awkwardly come he dropped dwon and hugged Baskervile. Nuzzling noses with her. "Love you Baskerville."
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To Get Supplies (Jessie)
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