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 Jared Blazon/Amir Dracul ~ Dragon Master/Vampire King (Co Dark Lord)

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Jared Blazon

Jared Blazon

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PostSubject: Jared Blazon/Amir Dracul ~ Dragon Master/Vampire King (Co Dark Lord)   Thu May 01, 2014 10:28 pm

Full Birth Name: Vladamir "Amir" Dracul
Full Known Name: Jared Blazon

Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY): Unknown due to has been around since ancient times

Age: appears 21-29 in human
real age unknown as is ancient

Country of Origin: Romania
Current Home: ??? ~ is the elusive dragon master//underworlds somewhere (amir dracul)

General Appearance: (jared)
(amir has shaggy shoulder length generally down his back length hair where jared keeps it short)

Hair: Inky black *see note in general appearances between jared and amir)
Eyes: Jade green with occasional flecks of crimsona as hungrers (jared),
Glowing crimson blood red <Jared when angry or hungry>
Crimson Black (amir)
Complexion: paleish peach, creamy whiteish peach
Height: 6'8" standing tall
6'6" when not giving a damn
Build: toned, muscular, tall, strong, soft but not as soft as girl
Special Features:
*fangs extended to four inches (amir)
*pointy canines (jared)
*eyes change color between jared and amir
*Amir Dracul's hair is long
*Jared Blazons is short never past neckline
*has a paled out burn scar that shapes like a whip from the small of his back around his side and down his thigh from when he took a fire snake attack that had been aimed at Makota. It moves down his form like the shape of a snake til the side of his leg where the bottom of his ass is. it starts at the small of his back and curves across his backside, over his side, curves the opposite direction a few inches over his chest then curves back towards the back yet goes down his thight to where his ass is
Blood Purity:  Pureblood (second generation ancient vampire)

Sexual Alignment: Straight (when sober)
Gay Tendencies (when drunk) <won't go as far as anal>

Job: <jared blazon>Dragon Master(breeds, tames, rides)/Hunter Of Hard To Find Things (unofficial)/Slayer Of Lawbreaking Vampires (those unable to be "saved" or controlled and go too far)
<Amir Dracul> King Of Vampires/Co-Leader Dark Lord

Personality (3 sentence minimum): Neither Jared Blazon nor Amir Dracul are known for their patience. Jared is known as one of the sexiest most desirable single men. A seductive and badass sadist with a silver tongue and a tendency for violence. Amir Dracul is known to be a monster in sheeps clothing. Even worse of a violent sadist he is also known to be a cold blooded killer with no remorse. Jared is seen as the mysterious elusive man of darkness and mystery.

Other Information ~
Quirks: flirting and getting sexual to an extent with males when drunk, baring his fangs when someone is getting annoyed, flipping open and shut a switchblade butterfly knife

*His twin Makota
*his allies
*his family (even jasel sorta)
*getting drunk
*getting stuff he shouldn't be getting
*getting in and out of places he shouldn't be going
*Dark Arts
*Dragon riding
*raising dragons (does it away from others)
*breeding dragons
*taming dragons
*hitting one women (sober)
*hitting on men (drunk)
*ruffling junior's (augustus's) feathers

*women (when drunk they piss him off easily)
*people picking on or hurting Makota
*know it alls
*goody two shoes ministary folk
*kiss ass people
*synthetic blood
*animal blood (will if HAS to drink it but would rather not)
*vampires going awol
*kids...not good with them.

*getting stuff he shouldn't be getting
*getting in and out of places he shouldn't be going
*raising dragons
*taming dragons
*breeding dragons
*Ancient Magic (primarily speaking Draconic)
*Dark Arts
*has no issues getting past wards like at hogwarts when jared blazon due to has just enough good to get in with smoke coming off his arms

*Ali <would never admit>
*Healing Magic
*staying out of trouble
*not getting into fights
*dealing with kids
*when amir dracul he can not enter wards like those on the schools

Background (3 sentence minimum):Jared was born the identical twin brother to Makota. He was born though as Vladimir not Jared. He changed his name because he for one hated being named after his father. Even though he and Makota were born twin brothers even he could tell that Makota was not a normal boy. He and his brother were close. He was born into the royal romanian family and was heir to the throne. He and his brother were young. He grew up learning to fight and had a temper much like his father's. Even at a young age he was protective of Makota. As they grew older he fought to protect his twin more as the guy started dressing like a girl. It was hard to know what to call his twin so he stuck with Koda or Makota.

It was not a very easy life but even when they were young he and his twin were like night and day. They were born directly descended from two of the original vampires. It was around when they were of the appearance age of a six year old that all hell rained down upon their home. Evil people came and were killing people. Destroying everything. He was able to escape with his twin into secret tunnels deep into the castle secret passages. Vanishing into the night he dragged, carried or pulled his twin far from their home in which everything they had ever known was destroyed. His intense hatred for those that were muggles grew that day.

He took him and his twin from Romania which was at that point called Transylvania and got them into the land of England. He had to grow up quickly to protect his "sister" and himself. He taught them to control the hunger and at times had to force feed his twin blood. Makota didn't want to touch human blood and kept trying to feed from animals or synthetic or not at all. Eventaully he gave up trying to force him to live off human blood and just focused on keeping them to eat. He was always taking them to hiding to let things blow over. One day when he was getting food for Makota some vampire haters had kidnapped his younger twin brother. Pissed off he followed their scents and in his vampiric rage nearly killed most of them. The leader was a magic user who was torturing his brother without actually touching him. He knocked the man away and when the man went to use the fire serpant spell on Makota he got in the way and took it instead. He really doesn't remember what happened after that. Makota being unconscious already had no idea.

When he came to his senses he was drenched in blood with flaming pain on his form in the shape of a snake starting as a burn at the top of the middle of his back. It moved down his form like the shape of a snake til the side of his leg where the bottom of his ass is. it starts at the small of his back and curves across his backside, over his side, curves the opposite direction a few inches over his chest then curves back towards the back yet goes down his thight to where his ass is. Over the years it just paled out yet it was done with a fire spell intended specifically for uses on vampires and as such it will never go away perfectly like other injuries inflicted to a vampire.

Years passed and Makota became more and more girly. One year they both received a letter telling them they had been accepted into Hogwarts. With very little need for help...he took him and his brother to Diagon Alley. He remembered everything his parents had told them and even knew where to find the key for their parents vault. They got the things they needed. His wand turned out to be a 13 1/3" Ziricote wood with basilisk fang core. When they were on the train he met a kid named Augustus Rookwood Jr. His twin Makota and Augustus seemed to connect quite quickly. Him and Augustus on the other hand were in a staredown the entire ride there. Not enemies and not friends. They seemed to accept each other as equals yet had not decided where they personally stood with each other.

At the school the hat didn't even end up near hovering above his head when it hollered out Slytherin. He ended up in the same house as Augustus. It wasn't long before the two had a friend rival thing going on. Yet in just a few months they went from I tolerate you to best of friends. Augustus was the only person aside from Makota that he respected. He was in trouble more times then not. He spent more time in detention then anyone. Even at times going off at the Headmaster. When the head of slytherin threw his twin out he nearly got expelled for attacking, both magically and physically, the older man. Luckily the headmaster kept it from happening.

Around when he reach thirteen or fourteen Jared began getting into the bloodwine. Which turned the straight dude into a man with gay tendencies. He ended up biting from other humans and feeding. When drunk he would do all sorts of sexual things to teens his age or older. With guys. It would never go so far as anal but he'd flirt and touch and tease. He ended up doing that with his best friend more times than not. The strangest part is as long as he didn't do anything anal he was okay with it. It was eh I was drunk...and it wasn't in my ass. Big deal. He loved to take blood from Augustus more than anyone else. He was extremely protective of that human and in his own way possessive.

They spent a lot of time together and Jared was drunk quite a bit. When they all graduated he and Makota traveled around. Keeping in touch with Augustus but didn't see him as much. Some time passed and he and Makota were living in a cabin of their own. He was out feeding and came back to see his and Augustus's rival attacking and attempting to rape Makota. He lost control of what little restraint over the evil of his nature he had...he allowed the vampiric nature and evil to take over. He accepted the evil and became its ruler. He then destroyed that man with less magic than physical doing. He was saving his brother but he went over and beyond the okay limits. Spending a short term in Askaban during which time he had quickly established amongst the ranks that HE was the Alpha in that domain.

When he got out he vanished. During all of this time he was studying and practicing and learning about dragons. It wasn't long before he became well reknowned and known everywhere as the one and only Dragon Master. Who seemingly vanished. He kept very little contact with Makota due to what he had become. He also did other things on the downlow that nobody else knew about. Then he decided he needed to see his best friend. He knew he couldn't go near Makota...but he needed Augustus.

Years passed and he declined the Romanian Throne yet officially took over the role of Vampire king as Amir Dracul. Who had before he was even "18" by human appearance grown into the worlds most wanted ranks. With a rumored body count that made Voldermort look like he was grade school. Rumored because only five bodies were ever found and only five bodies were successfully linked back to Amir Dracul...The Vampire King.

Amir Dracul "inherited" a kid named Ali Carhart Rand some odd yearsago. Due to Makota mistakenly thinking he was his dragon master apprentice (something he never wanted) and adopted kid...he forces Ali to never delusion Makota. Yet oddly is a bit "soft" with Ali whereas many others would be dead or wishing it. He would never admit this and still treats him as enslaved apprentice or pet.

Name: ???

Age: Ancient

Living or Dead: ??? ~ presumed dead

Blood Status or Species: Ancient (one of the originals)


Name: Dracula aka Vladimir Dracul or Vlad The Impaler

Age: Too damn ancient as is the first original vampire

Living or Dead: Dead ~ murdered by Jared/Amir

Blood Status or Species: Ancient (the first)


Name: Liza Saline
Age: 23 ~ forever
Living or Dead: Living ~ Sired Ancient's "Childe" turned vampire
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood - Heir of Slytherin ~ Turned Vampire

Name: Viigo Vanturi
Age: Second Generation Ancient ~ Younger than older half siblings
Living or dead: living ~ is priestly so in a Romanian sanctuary for gypsies and nonhumans
Blood status or species: Demonic Vampire ~ Pureblood
Relation:Younger Half brother...younger twin

Name: Jasel Vanturi
Age: Second Generation Ancient ~ Older twin of younger half brohers
Living Or Dead: Living ~ location unknown
Relation: Older Twin of the younger twins...half brother.
Blood Status or speicies: demonic vampire ~ pureblood

Name: Savanna Vanturi
Age: 26
Living or Dead: Living vampire)
Relation: Sister-In-Law/Wife Of Jasel
Blood Status or species: Vampire

Name: Romanian Queen Makota Winchester ~ mated name
Birth Name: Makota Dracul
Taken Name: Makota Blazon
Age: Second Generation Ancient so ancient
late twenties thirties it is hard to tell her human appearance
relation: Twin "Sister" (transvestite and once they were identitcal)
Living or dead: Living
blood status or species: Pureblood ~ second generation Ancient

Name: King Ronan Winchester
Age: appears 24
Relation: Brother-In-Law
Living or dead: Living
Blood Status Or Species: Pureblood


Name: Zain Blazon (birth name was Zain Meinsvilks)
Age: 16
Relation: Nephew ~ Eldest Son (adopted then ritualized blood) of Makota
Living or dead: Living
Blood Status Or Species: Pureblood ~ ritually is now makota's child by genetics without being vampire

Name: Alastair Virgo Winchester
Age: 4 in human appearance 
Relation: Nephew ~ Younger twin son of makota's
Living or dead: Living
Blood Status Or Species: Pureblood ~ Vampire

Name: Rena Gemini Winchester
Age: 4 by human appearance 
Relation: Niece ~ Older twin daughter of makotas
Living or dead: Living
Blood Status Or Species: Pureblood ~ Vampire

Name: Hana Latswick

Age: 13 by human appearance
Relation: Niece ~ daughter of Viigo Vanturi

Living or Dead: Living

Blood Status or Species: Pureblood ~ Daywalker

Other Attachments
Pet/Enslaved Apprentice/"kid" of sorts

Name: Ali Carhart Rand

Age: 20

Living or Dead: Living

Blood Status or Species: Halfblood ~ Dhamphir

Other Attachments ~ Junior (primarily when Amir Dracul)
Classified but it appears he views him as family due to the "gentle" way he treats him and the things he allows him to say or do that gets others dead or maimed in some way....
Name: Augustus Rookwood Jr.
Age: 27
Lving or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood

Other ~ belongs to Jared
On/Off Again Lover/Girlfriend ~ currently not dating and not seen in a few years
Name: Jordan McGee
Age: 21
Living or Dead: presumes she is alive (better be for her sake)
Blood Status or Species:


Name: Miniature Dragons Named: Fyraiso (black) and Gaidao (gold)

Age: 2 human years

Living or Dead: Living <both>

Blood Status or Species: Miniature Dragons <both>

Extra Information:There is a dual purposed dragon bond created by the gold Sun dragon Gaidao, pet to Jared and mate to the black Shadow dragon Fyraiso, as a means to which Jared and ??? are never truly be apart. The copied bond that is from Gaidao on Jared's neck allows ??? to communicate by touching Fyraiso with Jared directly via their minds through the bonded, mated soul mate mini dragons that are Jared's pets. through this bond ??? can have Fyraiso have her mate Gaidao bring Jared to ???'s side nearly instantly by soul mate leading to soul mate (the dragons).

Family Background (3 sentences minimum): His and Makotas then their younger half siblings were childe of the very first vampire to ever exist...Vladimir Dracul aka Dracula.

His and Makota's mother was an Ancient Vampiress and first queen of Romania.

His half siblings Jasel and Viigo were born to another mother but same father.
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PostSubject: Re: Jared Blazon/Amir Dracul ~ Dragon Master/Vampire King (Co Dark Lord)   Wed May 07, 2014 6:37 am

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Jared Blazon/Amir Dracul ~ Dragon Master/Vampire King (Co Dark Lord)
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