Harry Potter: The Next Generation

Set in 2018, the 3 Wizarding schools Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, & Durmstrang face a new threat: Augustus Rookwood Jr. son of the last Death Eater Augustus Rookwood.
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September, 2018

It's the start of the first term and the warm weather is slowly fading into chilly Autumn breezes. Students are advised to begin collecting their supplies and prepare for their first, or next, year at Hogwarts, Durmstrang, or Beauxbatons.


 Hitari Vance Vandres

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Hitari Vandres
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Hitari Vandres

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PostSubject: Hitari Vance Vandres   Hitari Vance Vandres Icon_minitime1Thu May 01, 2014 10:42 pm

Full Name: Hitari Vance Vandres
Nickname: Van or Vance sometimes "Hikari"
Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY): 10/13/2007
Age: 11
Country of Origin: England
Current Home: With Sojo Vandres

General Appearance:
Hair Color: Bleach Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Fair
Height: 4'7(1) || 5'1(3) || 5'4(6)
Body Type: Thin
Special Features:  A small scar on the left side of her back
Blood Purity: Halfblood
Sexual Alignment: Pansexual

Quirks: Hums when nervous, seems to stare in space when in deep thought, will growl if her hair is touched by some people, & stammers when in a super shy mode
§ Spiders
§ Drawing tribal images
§ Reading
§ Writing poems
• Bats
• Vibrant Clothes
• Snakes
• Most people touching her hair
• Bees
• Liers
• Dark small spaces
+ Strong will
+ Soft hearted
+ Observant//Good memory
+ Artistic
+ Can speak Latin
- Being told she is ugly
- Being made fun of
- Angering easy
- Easily cries
- Soft hearted

Personality: Hitari is shy and soft spoken. She has a heart of gold yet is afraid of being treated badly due to her being different. She has extreme confidence in herself as far as she knows what she feels she is and she sticks to it. Deep down she is very loving and loyal.

Growing up Hitari was told much about his mother after she died when he was two. Hitari was born a half-ling, father was a wizard and mother was a muggle. Hitari had a sister as well who died when his mother did, they both died in a flooding accident. At the age of four he began to feel different, he went by she from then. Her brother Adrian would tell her many stories of their sister and mother even made up a few to cheer Hitari up when she was upset. Their father really loved both of them, he knew his youngest was different but he wasn't sure how to treat her. Adrian helped by getting her somewhat boyish but girlish outfits to make her feel better but not all the time did it work. Adrian soon became the main caretaker of Hitari; their father became depressed and stressed about Hitari's mindset. The young woman in the body of a male was confused and scared, thinking she was a freak. She hated herself but her big brother kept her head over that dark water of disparity.

Edgar soon began to go out on dating sprees, looking for a witch or a muggle like his wife had been to help him take care of Hitari and Adrian. He found one when Hitari was five years. The woman was a muggle who had previously been married, she had twin sons both age of fourteen— two years older than Adrian. She was a "witch-of-woman" and highly religious to the point she detested her new boyfriend and his "pagan" ways. She was against magic entirely. Edgar had to do magic outside of the house away from her; Adrian even had to secretly school himself in magic since he was not able to cast much. He read up on it though. However Hitari hated this while her brother pretended near the woman. She wanted to be a girl near this woman but she was scared. Audrey soon found out about Hitari's mindset by her son Baxter catching her using makeup one night and used the paddle on her, stating little boys were not to be girls. Audrey also turned the father against Hitari's sexuality. Scared out of her mind Hitari ran off and cried, hiding in the shed till her brother Adrian found her. He took her away and ran off helping her get away at the age of six. During this time he also taught her some Latin.

Scared out of her mind she began to think she was a sick freak of nature. She hid in alleys with Adrian till he went missing, slowly letting her know he was fine through odd letters transported by various pest animals. Her favorites to see were mice. At the age of seven she was chased from her alley by muggle boys who didn't like how girly she was and said she was a freak. Hurt and torn she ran and ran until she smacked into a male named Sojo. She was scared of him for a while and wouldn't tell him she was a girl. For a while she was a he till she was brave enough to tell him. He took her in and didn't care, being adopted she gladly took his last name as well as had her previous last name as her middle. However his son Bastain made her feel weird. Like he didn't see her as a good thing. She kept it secret but soon as Sojo told her there was another like her out there she felt better about herself. She was glad to live with Sojo, he made it worth it.

(Bio. F(A)) Edgar Vance {{35 years old}}
(Bio. M(D)) Stella Vance {{24 years old when she died}}
(St. M(A)) Audrey Wilder {{33 years old}}

(Bl. B(A)) Adrian {Human Squib{16 years old}}
(Bl. S(D)) Esmeralda {Halfblood Witch{five years old when she died}}
(St. B(A)) Baxter {Muggle{18 years old}}
(St. B(A)) Dexter {Muggle{18 years old}}

Adopted Family>>
Sojo Vandres (Father (A)) {Druid - Pureblood{22 by human is way older}}

Name: Mischief
Age: 5 ghost years
Living or Dead: Dead?? its a ghost....
Blood Status or Species: baby dragon

Wand:9' 1/4" Osage Orange with Phoenix Tailfeather.
"…It was a deep orange colored wand, it had white swirls around its handle but for the most part was orange. It was shaped straightly, not a single curve to the wand. Its handle was carved to have details and a natural grip…"

Family Background:
When she ran into sojo vandres he took care of her. Protecting her from her would be attackers and took her home with him. Quickly they bonded and became as close as biological family should be. Over the years he has taught her about his race which is extinct and about himself at times.
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PostSubject: Re: Hitari Vance Vandres   Hitari Vance Vandres Icon_minitime1Fri May 02, 2014 8:34 pm

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Hitari Vance Vandres
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