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Set in 2018, the 3 Wizarding schools Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, & Durmstrang face a new threat: Augustus Rookwood Jr. son of the last Death Eater Augustus Rookwood.
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September, 2018

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 Romanian King - Ronon Winchester

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Ronon Winchester

Ronon Winchester

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PostSubject: Romanian King - Ronon Winchester    Tue May 06, 2014 9:50 pm

Full Name: Ronon Winchester
Nicknames: Ron, Coal-Eyes, or The Moody Snake
Birthdate: September 13th
Age: looks 24
Country of Origin: Ireland
Current Home: Romania in the palace
General appearance:

Special Features: A circular tattoo of the Celtic knot on his upper right arm that is a dark green.
Blood purity: Pureblood Vampire
Sexual alignment: Bisexual
*Hissing when annoyed
* Falling silent if in deep thought
* Drinks animal Blood only
* Speaking in Latin or Irish when angry at people under his breath
* Hums when happy which isn't often it seems

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6ft 1in
Body Type: Athletic
Dress Style: Gothic

Personality: Gruff with a hidden kid spot he was more like his dark father. He will seem like he likes you but he is befriending you, to get you to see him as he is not what everyone else does. No one will ever seem to understand him; he is dark but he is good. Ron has a hard time being kind but does it very well when he succeds in it, he also has a hard time hiding his Irish accent. Ron is moody but has a way of showing he isn't- it is hard to see.

* Cello//Violin Music
* Reading Muggle Mythology
* Potion brewing
* Dragons
* Snobby people
* Bats
* Obnoxious smelling flowers
* Friends
* Making potions
* Speaking Latin and Irish
* Casting Earthen based spells
* Some Defensive Spells
* Talking to anyone in "calm" tone
* Fire Spells

Wand: 10" Coyote wood with griffin claw core

Background: Born into a family where his father, a Pureblood Vampire, an Alchemist from the ancient days who did work as a doctor with a strange gift and his mother a Human he inherited the gift of being able to cast magic. He spent most of his early years at home learning more about his father's way of work, making salves and potions with the like. He had no idea he was able to cast magic for a time till he cast something on accident which later by follow caused a letter to be flown to his large castle home in the mountains of Ireland. He went to the school for the seven years keeping to himself all the while learning of his passions for mythical beings and the old legends Muggles had as well as learning more of the old roots he had in his Celtic past. He loved his roots but on his spare time he camped out near the Black Lake, reading books and keeping to himself. All the while in school he was a bit different. He was crafty, cunning, snuck around in the day time to learn his way around to later know it in the years. His way of thought was to keep him out of trouble but as well as learn what he could as he observed. Watching them all as he learned the trade of magic. Later when he was done he left England to go home for a while, later coming back to look for work. Periodically sending word to his family.

However as he looks for a job he is more concerned with the fact he misses the halls of Hogwarts, the time he had there had been great. He missed walking around and watching out from the places to hide like a sneaky snake. Which was a strange remembrance on being nicknamed "the moody snake" by a first year when he was on his third. Ronon also hated flying, big passion on it, he was not scared of heights but he didnt like being in the air. To him if he was meant to fly he would have had the ability to produce wings through magic or something. Yet as the few years passed since the schooling Ronon began to wish to go back. As a teacher. Hopefully one day he could.

When he went to Hogwarts once again he became the Muggle Studdies teacher, not many liked him but he did his job. As he had been on break before school he met his future wife, Makota. She was being chased by drunken wiards. He saved her and since them the two had been forward slowly with their feelings. Soon he began to date her. Durring her time of well... fear? due to a traumatic event he was never seen not too far from her. He bought her a puppy named "Fluffles", he named it, and hoped she would enjoy its company.

No sooner was he married to her, with his own two children on the way. He is a "retired" Muggle Studdies teacher from the House of Slytherin. He is also the king of Romania as well, living with his beloved Makota. Ron as well picks on Zain, just becasue he feels like it.

Name: Rena
Age: 20
Living or dead: Alive
Blood status or species: Cursed Human

Name: Remnant Winchester
Age: Looks 21
Living or dead: Living
Blood status or species: Ancient Vampire

Name: Devo'cha
Age: 3
Living or dead: alive
Blood status or Species: Black Falcon

Name: Makota (Blazon) Winchester
Age: Ancient Vampire
Living or dead: Living
Blood status or species: Pureblood Vampire
Relation: Mate/partner/Spouse

Name: Zain Claymore (Melnsvilks) Blazon
Age: 15
Living or dead: Living
Blood status or species:
Relation: Son (Makota's blood)

Name: Viigo Vanturi
Age: Second Generation Ancient ~ Younger than older half siblings
Living or dead: living ~ is priestly so in a Romanian sanctuary for gypsies and nonhumans
Blood status or species: Demonic Vampire ~ Pureblood
Relation:"Half Brother-In-Law"

Name: Jasel Vanturi
Age: Second Generation Ancient ~ Older twin of younger half brohers
Living Or Dead: Living ~ location unknown
Relation: "Half Brother-In-Law"
Blood Status or speicies: demonic vampire ~ pureblood

Name: Jared Blazon ~ taken name and known as Dragon Master
Birth Name: Vladamir "Amir" Dracul
Age: Second Generation Ancient so ancient
late twenties thirties it is hard to tell his human appearance
relation: Brother-In-Law
Living or dead: Living
blood status or species: Pureblood ~ King Of Vampires & stepped down heir of Romanian throne

Name: Alastair Virgo Winchester
Age: 4 in human appearance
Relation: Son (twin to Rena)
Living or dead: Living
Blood Status Or Species: Pureblood ~ Vampire

Name: Rena Gemini Winchester
Age: 4 by human appearance
Relation: Daughter (twin to Alastair)
Living or dead: Living
Blood Status Or Species: Pureblood ~ Vampire

Name: Hana Latswick
Age: 13
Living or dead: Living
Blood status or species: pureblood ~ daywalker vampire
Relation: Niece

Family Background:
(Remnant & Rena)
The male gave himself a name "Remant" for brink a fragment of the past but as the years turned others gave him names. "Wyatt" came from a Hunter he killed in defense and "Winchester" came from a gun left at the mausoleum he had been sealed far under. He lived in the mausoleum but also in the house. It was far from the town that was active but he never went there unless he was visiting the outskirts. He later became a doctor using the ancient ways of herbal healing and magic.

Remnant however befriended a young child who was blind, she was his only friend and he only one who understood him. She took care of him and he took care of her. Every time he went to see her he left a rose for her, to let her know he was there with her. She was the only one he never hurt, she made this life possible for him. As well as later learned of her being a witch. Which was how Rena and Remnant conceived Ronon.
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Olivia Evensen
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Olivia Evensen

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PostSubject: Re: Romanian King - Ronon Winchester    Wed May 07, 2014 6:35 am

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Romanian King - Ronon Winchester
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