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Set in 2018, the 3 Wizarding schools Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, & Durmstrang face a new threat: Augustus Rookwood Jr. son of the last Death Eater Augustus Rookwood.
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September, 2018

It's the start of the first term and the warm weather is slowly fading into chilly Autumn breezes. Students are advised to begin collecting their supplies and prepare for their first, or next, year at Hogwarts, Durmstrang, or Beauxbatons.

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 Nathaniel Lancer ~ uknowning seer, father of one

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Nathaniel Lancer

Nathaniel Lancer

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PostSubject: Nathaniel Lancer ~ uknowning seer, father of one   Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:35 pm

Full Name: Nathaniel "Nate" Lancer

Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY):
Age: 19

Country of Origin: Brazil
Current Home: ???

General Appearance:

Hair: primarily pale blond/light blond though is various shades of blond as well
Eyes: a strange silvery metal blue
Complexion: porcelian/peach
Height: 6' 0"
Build: toned, sexy, well developed abdomin muscles, slender
Special Features: long silken strands that are at times put into a sexy ponytail.
*recently Augustus Rookwood Jr. cast a spell (unbeknownst to him) on him to allow him to track and find him. It is located on the small of his back and no more than a inch and a half wide in any direction.
the mark

Blood Purity: Pureblood/Veela (full)

Sexual Alignment: Pansexual

Occupation: Father and Freelancer (model, art, writing, singing, guitar playing)

Personality (3 sentence minimum): He is soulful and withdrawn into himself romantically due to a guilt he feels is his own. He is a loving and loyal father. Deep down he is a playful goofball who loves to make others smile and laugh. He has a romantic spirit and is the type to admit when he is wrong. He rarely argues with women especially if they are right. A noble and good guy he has a heart of gold. He is loyal and honest. The type to be devoted to one girl and make her feel as if she was a goddess or just a regular woman. On many accounts prior to his wife's death he was the guy every girl dreamed about finding. Now he is broken and soulful yet smiles and shows life wiht his daughter Starla. His devotion and loving ways with her show the man he was before that day.

Background (3 sentence minimum): He was orphaned as a baby and found in the harshest of winters on the royal steps of brittania. He was raised there and given the name Nathaniel "Nate" Lancer. Over the years he began to have dreams that came true or came true similar to how he saw. Or were changed. Never mentioning it to others he received his letter at eleven but had already made friends with a half blood witch named Maria. By the time they were thirteen they were madly in love. They married when they turned sixteen and finalized it when graduated at seventeen.

She had ended up pregnant shortly before that and he stuck by her side. Nine months later his daughter Starla was born. Things went well until shortly before Starla's first birthday when the unthinkable happened...he and Maria had their first fight since childhood. Normally they bickered a bit and he'd admit he was wrong or act like a goofball. That day he argued back and she had stormed off into the car angry.

Later that night he received the call that shattered his heart and soul and beliefs in himself....his wife was dead. Taking an almost ten month Starla with him he hurried to the hospitals morgue. When he heard the cause of death he fell to his knees and broke down sobbing. She had driven through a red light into heavy traffic and was killed in a terrible messed up car crash. The car had flipped and totalled.

Then the morgue owner informed him of another bombshell...Maria had been six weeks pregnant. A stone felt like it dropped within him than. His world crashed in and for days all he could do was care for his daughter but himself was drifting through a fog of disbelief.

A little after Starla's second birthday he smiles for his daughter who is two now. Knows of her mother and is his little angel. Even to this day he blames himself for Maria's death and of the unborn child within her. If they hadn't fought she wouldn't have driven off. In his mind he feels he killed his beloved wife. Broken yet living and lively for his daughter there is not anything he wouldn't do for little Startla.

He has even played house and worn the dresses she wanted him to wear. Smiling and laughing its only for Starla's sake and only she has a way of bringing sparks of life to his soul. However, now he is on the move and never stays anywhere to protect Starla when he had a strange dream that scared the hell out of him. Now he never stops moving feeling he has a target or mark on his back. It may just be paranoia or fatherly overthinking but the dreams that come true have become more and more frequent.

Family ~orphan

Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Living or Dead: Unknown

Blood Status or Species: Pureblood/Veela

Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Living or Dead: Unknown

Blood Status or Species: Pureblood/Veela

Child (Please specify whether the sibling is a brother or a sister)

Name: Starla Lancer

Age: 2
Living or Dead: Living
Blood Status or Species: Pureblood/1/2 Veela

Other (ex-wife by death)
Name: Maria Lancer

Age: 17
Living or Dead: Deceased
Blood Status or Species: Human/Halfblood

Name: ???
Age: 3 weeks fetus
Living or Dead: deceased with wife
Blood Status: Pureblood/ 1/2 Veela

Living or Dead:
Blood Status or Species:

Family Background (3 sentences minimum): He has no idea what his family background is. He is an orphan. He doesn't know who he was born as but he was given the name Nathaniel "Nate" Lancer by the nuns of the British Royal Church Orphanage when found upon the doorsteps in the middle of one of the harshest winters.

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Casey Raven
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Casey Raven

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PostSubject: Re: Nathaniel Lancer ~ uknowning seer, father of one   Thu May 01, 2014 11:55 pm

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Nathaniel Lancer ~ uknowning seer, father of one
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